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Starting HICAP - High Capacity Oygen Free Copper DC Distribution Circuit
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The Problem Bike is difficult to start, starts slow or not at all, sometimes fouls plugs. Takes multiple attempts to get it started. Rider has low confidence of bike starting.
The Cause Underspec wire size plus brass or steel terminals throughout the starter circuit have created chokepoints to the current flow. Starter motor receives less current than it requires which necessitates long cranking times. The excess cranking depletes battery voltage below that required by the ignition system to start the bike. Multiple cranking events eventually allow the chemical reaction in the battery to create enough current to start the bike but battery is damaged by long discharge cycles.
The Bandaid Install new or larger battery - bike starts well until excess resistance in starter circuit degrades new battery.
The Solution Install a HICAP high current starter circuit that has the least possible resistance to current flow

HICAP - outboards and replaces the OEM starting circuit that is riddled with chokepoints that impede current flow.
Enables virtually any bike to start in 1 second (often less).
Pays for itself in reduced battery consumption and reduced starting system wear.

Why It Is the Best Solution Bike starts almost immediately, (often in 1 second), life of entire starting system (battery, starter motor, solenoid, sprag clutch) is extended.
Why It Is The Best Deal The HICAP effectively addresses the root problem (impedance to current flow), it is built overspec to provide many years of troublefree starting. Motolectric offers the state of the art in motorcycle electrical upgrades. Value of the bike is increased vs. the value of a Brand X or user installed upgrade.

2020 HICAP II Special - Free Priority Mail Shipping to any USA address (including APO).
$26 Priority Mail shipping to anywhere else in the world

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