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Product Overview



- HI
gh CAPacity Sealed Current Distribution Circuit

- entire circuit is fabricated from (99.999% pure) Oxygen Free Copper

- improves your starting to better than it was when your bike was new

- the energy in an electrical circuit *is in the metal*, the battery just pumps the energy around the circuit.

- 99.999% copper circuit with substantially larger terminals and 4 GA wire
increases the energy in the circuit by approximately 250%

- most bikes will start in less than a second (assuming you have a decent battery and your starter isn't worn out)

- extends battery life (sometimes 2-3 times longer life)

- maximizes the life of your starter motor

- extends the life of your sprag clutch

- virtually eliminates the chance of the aggravating "fused solenoid syndrome"

- minimizes your chance of being left stranded

- overall better electrical system performance

- enhances your pride of ownership in your classic motorcycle

- minimizes your impact on the environment

- over time, the extended battery life pays for the HICAP•SCDC

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Product Highlights HICAP•SCDC upgrades are in red

Circuit Conductor | 1050 1666 strands of 99.999% Oxygen Free Copper in a rope lay to minimize vibrational deterioration

Terminals | Aircraft grade bare ETP seamless copper

Custom fabricated terminals | terminals now made from seamless solid C101 oxygen free copper bar,

Terminal Boots | Custom made marine grade terminal boots

Circuit Connections | high pressure double swaged to create cold-welding

Circuit Sealing | double wall heat shrink seal and Shield metal sealant against the environment

Silicone Insulation | oil, gas, moisture resistant, heat resistant to 105 C /221 F 149 C / 300 F

2022 HICAP•SCDC Special

20% off List Price for Rider/Self-Mechanics

Free Priority Mail Shipping to any USA address (including APO).

Only $20 USD for Canada, (saves you $10)

$28 USD International Priority Mail shipping to anywhere else in the world (saves you $12)

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