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Our product technology is based 100% in fundamental principles. No hocus-pocus, no magic, no secret sauces. In every product we make we have researched the root cause of the problem we are trying to remedy and have applied sound principles to create the cure.

As you've no doubt found, in many enthusiast based fields (motorcycles, auto-sound, home theater etc.) there are more ridiculous claims than serious solutions.

Things are different at Motolectric. Every product we have developed is designed to cure a real problem and to have a long service life.

Wire -

As with most products, all wire is not the same. There are characteristics that make one wire better than another for a particular purpose. The high purity copper wire we use in our kits is the best available for flowing high current in the 12-14 volt range used on modern motorcycles. It is a high strand count, high purity copper wire we source from a USA company that has it made to specific specifications. They have a high turnover in their production and so we always receive newly made wire, not some old stock that has laid in a warehouse for years.

Terminals -

The best conductor of electricity is copper and so we use copper exclusively in all places where it is the best choice. In some instances brass is a better metal, (where a springiness is desired to hold fuses) etc. But brass is never a better choice for ring terminals or battery terminals so all of our kits use copper.

On many of our kits we have to upsize the terminals in order to accommodate the large gauge wires we use.

Relays -

The relays we use are the best in the world; Tyco micro relays (Tyco bought the Bosch relay division a few years ago, Bosch relays are now made by Tyco in the original Bosch plants world-wide).

Fuse holders -

In most cases we choose our fuse holders based on our engineering technique where we make/build our own fuseholders into the particular kit. In other words, we don't source cheap prebuilt fuse holders with pigtails hanging off of them that we then butt connect to our wire. We hard wire the fuse holders to our specialized high purity, high current capable wire to make a complete circuit with as few transitions as possible (every transition from one part to another is a source for corrosion and voltage loss).

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About Us Our Technology Products FAQ Install Guides What People Say Email Newsletter Contact Us